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    Low Starting Current | Energy Efficient | Harmonics Free
  • Sakthi Power Innovatives

    Low Starting Current | Energy Efficient | Harmonics Free
  • Sakthi Power Innovatives

    Low Starting Current | Energy Efficient | Harmonics Free

Welcome to Sakthi Power Innovatives

Sakthi Power Innovatives an ISO 9001 : 2015 Certified Company, Industrial Estate, Alappuzha, Kerala State, India is a subsidiary industrial unit of –“ Sakthi Group” in the field of customized motor starting solutions established in 1975. The company have vast experience in the field of Design Development, Manufacturing, on site performance testing of LT & HT harmonic free FCMA Soft starters & HFSR Soft Starters as per IEC 60289/ 60076-6 for reducing motor starting current. The advanced versions & featured fcma SOFTSTART modules are developed by our professionals to offer integrated solutions for typical industrial requirements of motor starting solutions. The well equipped High Power test lab guarantees product quality at every stage. The 24 hour customer support assures committed onsite service support to the trouble shooting at sites. Sakthi power Innovatives has an excellent track record for its product quality, customer support, service support and innovation.

Salient Features

Low Starting Current   |   Energy Efficient   |   Harmonics Free

About us

Pioneers in customized motor starting solutions since 1975. FCMA SOFT STARTER/HFSR SOFT STARTER the concept of a pure electrical solutions for Harmonics Free motor soft starter for Asynchronous & Synchronous motors. An indigenous solution by one of the most trusted brands in India for control & automation product installed world wide, the products are branded and promoted with trademark FCMA SOFT STARTER / TRANSWAVES HFSR SOFTSTARTER / TRANSWAVES fcma SOFT STARTER / fcma SOFTSTART Technology. Ranging from 10 KW - 380 Volts to 35 MW, 13.8 KV systems voltage.
Starting current – 1.5 FLC for special models, Standard models will be 2.5 to 3.6 FLC.
The Company has always focused on perpetual improvement- implementing latest technology for the smooth functioning of its facility and providing extremely good customer service. Proven past record makes Sakthi Power Innovatives a leader in the field of Soft Starters.
Sakthi Power Innovatives acquired Goodwill in every corner of market for its sturdy construction, international quality and all-round performance.
Our highly satisfied clients fulfill the purpose of our existence.


We provide customized motor starting solutions for applications to match your requirement Line side, Neutral side Asynchronous & Synchronous motors. Frequency controlled Slip Regulator, Frequency controlled rotor starters for Slip Ring induction motors. Motor station: Start/Stop/Soft Start/PF correction/Protection/ Metering/Isolation (All in panel).

Solutions offered from 10 KW in 380 V to 35 MW 13.8 KV



Squirrel Cage/Synchronous motors are essential for every industry and they are the major consumer of energy. For reliability and long life of motors Soft Starter is the most desired solution.

Soft Starter works to limit the motor starting current reduce the energy consumption while starting, reduce noise & vibrations. Soft Starter works to de-stress the supply systems and mechanical pressures on electrical rotating machines.

Performance of the soft starter is measured by the electrical parameters controlled and design of the soft starter is primarily depends upon mot load characteristics and data is required to see the effect of the load on the electrical rotating machine.

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